Diamond tools outils1

Tools with welded tips

A constant quest for the most suitable diamond concretions provides us with a range of high-performance tools for working most materials: marble, granite, stone, concrete, asphalt, slate, refractories, tiles.

  • Diamond discs, standard or silent steel, Ø 300 to 4200
  • Rings, segments or rollers for grinders
  • Coring bits
  • Segments for on-site floor grinding
  • Form grinding wheels

Electrodeposited diamond tools

  • Cutting wire
  • Abrasive brushes, particularly recommended for staining of concrete paving surfaces
  • Diamond wheels made of coated aluminium with steel guides mounted on ball bearings. These particularly light wheels are designed for use on portable electric grinders. The upper and lower guides remain stationary while the wheel rotates, making it possible to press on the faces while machining the profile.