Environmental Pressed Concrete Products dalle-bicouche

» A comprehensive range of quality equipment:

Our business ranges from the supply of new or used machinery for replacing old equipment to the design of complete turnkey solutions for the production of paving with immediate unmoulding on Hermetic Presses. In this case, we provide various upstream services such as consultancy, definition of requirements, drawing up a specification, design and drawings. Then, when installation takes place, assembly scheduling, management and coordination, commissioning, process training and maintenance training can also be performed by our specialists.

  • OCEM rotary paving presses: Exclusive agency for France

  • Slab finishing machines: grinder, polisher, buffer, shotblasting machine, scabbler, washer, brushing machine, etc.

  • Automated material-handling equipment: automatic (horizontal or vertical) extractor, palletiser, transfer car, automatic guided vehicle, conveyor, right-angle transfer module, turner, tilter, lift, etc.

  • Concrete batching plant for 1st and 2nd layer with planetary mixer, skip, hopper unit, belt weigher, pigment metering device, conveyor, admixture plant, fully fitted silo, cement weigher and screw feeder, platform, composition control and management, etc...

» Wear parts and spare parts for all brands of paving and tile presses:

OCEM, Henke, Longinotti, Chiesa, Guilhon Barthelemy, Trabucchi, Pretom, OMG, S+H, Rinowerk, Locatelli, OMC

Wear parts and in particular Wear liners are manufactured in our workshops from grades of special steels formulated specifically for our application. Thermo-chemical and heat treatments are also carried out in our own facilities. The entire manufacturing process is digitally controlled, ensuring the stable dimensional and structural characteristics of our products. A guarantee of quality and reliability for our customers.

The most common parts:

» Wear parts and spare parts for mixers, silo equipment:

Brands : OMG, WAM

» Wear parts and spare parts for automated materials handling equipment:


» Patternmaking for the production of new mould bases

Working from a sample die cavity or just an idea, we design and produce your machine-tools. Thanks to us, your new product lines come into being and remain in harmony with the market.

» On-site press maintenance

For the maintenance of paving presses, the company has for several years provided on-site servicing that can also fulfil requirements for installation dismantling and recommissioning, both in France and worldwide.